Online Appointment Scheduling Made Easy

There is a very quick and easy method to get your clients to book with you online. It takes no more than a minute to get going. The reason that it is so fast is that you create your calendar service yourself and don’t have to wait for a computer technician to install anything for you. It really is this simple!

It doesn’t cost a cent to get going either, all you pay is a monthly fee. And if you’re not sure if online appointment scheduling would work for you, then you will appreciate the 30 day free trial. Accepting appointments online is not a secret and is used by businesses all over the world that let their clients book massage, yoga classes, driving lessons and more. If your clients currently make appointments over the phone, doing it online can only give you advantages.

Also by making your calendar open to the public, you will get more people visiting your business, making you more money. It’s easy to point out the three things most people like about scheduling online:

1. Your calendar is always available, even when you’re on a vacation or on lunch
2. Less stress makes your work more fun, since your phone will ring less
3. People will remember their appointments since they now get reminders in their mobile phone and computer

What’s the difference between scheduling a service and an event?

There are two types of calendars. One is for taking appointments with one person at a time. This is ideal for massage therapists, nail salons etc. This is called a service, and you are not limited to just one. You can have as many services as you like, with different durations. Online appointment scheduling is very flexible and often makes you clients book more since they can see all that you offer in a easy display.

For those of you that accept appointments with a group, Slot Online yoga for example, the calendar you would use is called event registration. Here you set a fixed date and time for an event, and how many people can book before it’s full. You can also let each person book more than one place, for example with couples or friends booking at the same time.

If you have both of the above, you’ll need two or more calendars. Just give each calendar a clear name to make it easy for your clients to know what they’re booking.

Still not sure if online scheduling is right for you?

An easy way to find out if online scheduling is the right way for you is to take one step at a time. For example, let people book online only on Mondays, and by phone the rest of the week. This way you can see if people are happy with it, and they will probably tell you to open your entire week for easy online appointments.

Nobody likes an empty restaurant right?

People that are skeptical about online appointment scheduling usually are afraid to show that a lot of their appointment slots are empty. An empty restaurant might have excellent food, but if nobody is eating there, how can you know if it’s good? It’s easier to fake your popularity online, just temporarily close a couple of time slots in advance, then you’ll look super-popular. Then open them up as appointments keep coming in.

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