Managing Image Ads in Google’s Content Network

If you are already onto article marketing and you are able to generate ample traffic to your intended website, you may want to further boost your presence online and amplify further your website traffic (Don’t we all?. You can double your effort by using Image Ads in Google’s Content Network. A combination of the two advertising fronts and what you get is an amazing flood of website traffic if these two networks are managed properly.

For Image Ads in the Content Network, it is post free classified ads quite obvious that it will stir up a commanding presence and this in return can give you a huge click through rate because of the mere fact that they are huge and if they are done well, you can get more people to click on them. Unlike articles wherein people need to read it first before they get a better understanding of the message that you are trying to put across, Image Ads in the Content Network need not go through all the reading and comprehension process and the only thing it needs to be is to be eye-catching and relevant to the customers’ needs and wants.

When you get an enormous click through rate, chances are Google will reward you with a low cost per click and of course that this would mean that the cost of your traffic generation has become cheap, which equates to this: more visitors but less expenses every time they click. It may mean a savings of up to fifty percent on a campaign that is running double or even triple the website traffic it was meant to generate.

Ideally, and this is based on historical data, when users of Google’s Content Network achieve tremendous success on its current endeavor, the next rational thing to do is to make do with Google Image ads and this been proven to work for customers who have already established success on the Content Network. Though it is not a required prerequisite that success has to be established first, it would be more cost effective to use the Content Network as a preliminary test ground before embarking on Google Image ads.

As with other available profit enhancing tools online, Google Image ads does not assure the users a hundred percent success rate but there are a great number of Contextual-based Google advertisers who have experienced an amazing success rate when the current ad drive was partnered with Google Image Ads. And when others have made it, it only means other can as well.

Google image ads can appear in so many dimensions and forms such as the biggest of all called the ‘leaderboard’ and ascending in size would be small square, medium rectangle, square, banner, large rectangle, skyscraper, and wide skyscraper. And they can be static non-moving or Flash-animated.

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