Industrial Metal Detectors

Industrial metal detectors offer maximum protection against ferrous, non-ferrous metal, and stainless steel metal contamination. Industrial metal detectors are used in a variety of applications. The typical areas covered are food, dairy, pharmaceutical, paper, rubber, medical, cosmetics, plastic, textile and chemical industries. Industrial metal detectors are highly successful in preventing downstream equipment from damage. These are also very useful for detecting weapons and bombs in packages or on people.

Different types of industrial metal detectors including underwater metal detector, airport metal detector, walk-through metal detector and handheld metal detector are available in the stores. Underwater metal detectors are widely used to locate metallic objects under water. A walk-through metal detector can detect concealed weapons at security checkpoints. It checks the whole body for metallic objects. Handheld metal detectors are an ideal solution for metallic screening applications. They are mainly designed and manufactured for security sensitive areas such as schools, airports, prisons, courtrooms and customs. They help to pinpoint miniature metal objects. Bug Detector An airport metal detector is also very useful for detecting weapons. Other types of industrial metal detectors are also available in most of the stores.

Industrial metal detectors function in different ways. Handheld metal detectors are light weight, radiation free and highly sensitive. Little maintenance is required in most of the cases. Besides metal detection, a walk-through metal detector includes operator interface and/or controls, electro magnetic compatibility, environmental tolerance, quality control and assurance.

Industrial metal detectors are designed and manufactured to meet the industrial requirements of individuals. Most of these help to reduce downtime and avoid catastrophes, thereby increasing productivity. In order to meet the growing competition in the field, some of the reputed manufacturers offer discounts, free shipping services and guarantee programs. Used industrial metal detectors are also found.

Some of the leading manufacturers in the industrial metal detecting industry are Compass Metal Detectors, DetectorPro, White’s Electronics, Super Metal Detectors and CEIA USA Ltd.

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