Best Televisions in the Market Today

Television technology is continuously improving-we have certainly gone so far from the first black and white sets of the early 20th cancel my daily wire subscription century. Today, even the once-common 19-inch TV is quickly becoming out of date. Today is all about bigger screens, high definition pictures, cinematic sound, and even a three-dimensional experience. Here is a short run-through of the best televisions available in the market today.

Plasma TV – The plasma TV is definitely the choice of folks who want to have their own mini-theaters at home. In the biggest sizes, plasma TVs come in cheaper than LCD TVs. Additionally, they are also better in the viewing angle department. The images in a plasma TV look the same from any other angle, and viewers do not have to fight for that center spot where images from an LCD TV would have looked better. These TVs also have a higher contrast ratio, as well as the ability to render blacks deeper, making them ideal for dark rooms. Unfortunately, they consume more energy than their LCD counterparts, and may not look as good in brighter-lit rooms.

LED TV – LED TVs are generally an upgrade from the LCD TV. Perhaps the biggest advantage of LCD TVs over plasma TVs is the better quality of the picture when seen in bright rooms. LCD TVs do not have the stunning visual quality that plasma TVs have in dimmer situations, however. Enter LED technology, which helped balance the color saturation issues attributed to the LCD. LED TVs also consume even less power than their predecessors, making them perhaps the most ideal, environmentally speaking.

3D-Ready TV – With movie theaters quickly filling up with 3D films, it is not at all surprising how 3D technology has now also migrated to the small screen. 3D-Ready TVs are perhaps the most expensive among the best televisions around today, as LCD glasses are also required if you really want to have the 3D experience. Additionally, having a 3D-Ready TV will not necessarily mean you can literally watch everything in 3D. Keep in mind that the content also has to be optimized for the technology, and there is not a lot of content of this kind available right now although as time passes more and more 3D content is being produced.

With all these exciting innovations, it’s a great time to buy yourself a new TV. Take advantage of this cutting edge technology to get one of the best televisions around which will provide you with great home entertainment.

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