8 Creative Social Media Strategies for Photographers

If you are using social media to promote your photography business, and you are looking for new creative content ideas, we have some for you. Social platforms can be used in many different ways, and achieve different goals, however one of the main focuses of social media is the sharing of personal and interesting ideas.

Tell the world about your art and your business. Inspire them with the details about who you are and the work you do. Just like you tell visual stories with your camera, tell stories through social media. When you inspire and engage your followers they will become attracted to you for your personality and the work that you do.

1. Share behind the scenes photos

Remember that the photos you share on social platforms can also be candid. You can also take photos, of the photo shoot itself. Consider asking others to take photos of you doing your job, or take shots of people while they are getting their make-up done, or while they are waiting around for the shoot to start.

2. Share self-portraits and personal photos

Show yourself off to the world. Express yourself as an individual who has personality and style. When you share your photos, they don’t always have to be of your clients. Consider working on your own personal projects, and using the photos you produce to promote yourself via social methods. Consider a series of self-portraits that show off both your personality and creativity. Doing so will make you more authentic and interesting.

3. Talk about your photography equipment

Even if you are a tech-head, there is no reason why you can’t talk about your new camera or favourite equipment online over social media. Your fans and followers may not understand the technical features that you do, but they will clearly understand that you have skills, great equipment, and a passion for the work that you do.

4. Write a story, or a poem

If you are creative in areas other than photography, share your talents via social marketing methods. Use creative words and poems to accompany the pictures that you post. Use literary style and descriptive words. Paint a picture with your camera, and also with creative words.

5. Share a photography themed quote

Search on the net for a few minutes, and you will find an overwhelming supply of appropriate quotes about photography, images, people and special events. Inspire your fans and followers about the work that you do, by using other people’s ideas. Quote them, and make your social media profiles more meaningful and colourful.

6. Hold a competition

Attract attention, get more Facebook likes, and generate more interest in your photography business by holding a competition. The prize can be a simple photo shoot, but in the process of holding the competition you will be marketing your services to new people, and reminding your existing clients that you are still around, and still fabulous. Just be certain that you hold competitions according to Facebook rules, and plan ahead for a good result.

7. Share the achievements of your clients

If you are taking a shoot of a special event, Instagram volgers kopen then with your client’s permission, announce it via social media. You can write a simple congratulations for a wedding that you are attending, or talk about a business that you are taking corporate photos for. Even if you are taking pictures that are unpaid, for family and friends, use these for personal gain via your photography business social media profile.

8. Identify your role models

If you have a favourite photographer, talk about them via social media. Tell people who inspires you, and who you have learned from. If you are involved in professional studies or professional development opportunities, tell everyone about it. Doing so will prove that you are passionate about the work that you do, that you look to the best to improve yourself, and that you are in touch with the issues and trends within your industry.

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